Film Production Expert

Film Production Expert

By Badu
on November 2, 2020

Film Production Expert

Film Production Expert
Non-formal learning
Badge Details
Film Production Expert
Film Production Expert Badge displays a comprehensive skill set of video and audio production principles, being familiar with planning, script writing, directing, editing and arranging financing. 
Learning Targets

- extensive knowledge of film or media production and communication

- extensive knowledge of directing films with focus on documentary films/interviews

- a comprehensive understanding of the script development for a screenplay, documentary film etc.

- a capacity to organise and prepare legal conditions and documentation for video/audio production

- understanding of the whole pre-production scheduling and management activities

- a comprehensive understanding of post-production (editing)

- knowing how to identify sources of funding and raising finances


- being able to prepare a budget plan for the video project

- being able to select suitable interview candidates and topics for documentary

- capacity to use a video camera as well as a smartphone to capture video footage

- ability to edit video footage using a software programme as well as a smartphone

- skills and ability to write press releases and newsletter articles in order to effectively promote the film on social media

- being able to work out what resources are needed

- being able to keep the production on schedule and within budget


- being curious and reflective

- viewing different environments as a learning opportunity

- leadership skills

- to be thorough and pay attention to detail

- the ability to use his/her own initiative

- the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure

- being able to negotiate and manage safety on set


Participants should successfully accomplish the following tasks before the BADU Open Badge will be issued.


Minimum standards:

  • Actively participated in the entire TC/voluntary programme/internship
  • Filled out self-evaluation form
  • Reflection session with the trainer/mentor


  • Case Study
  • Conducted one workshop on the topic of the activity with youth within 2 months after the activity
  • Conducted critical incident analysis
  • Problem Solving and simulation games on the specific topic of the activity
  • Reflection exercises
  • Scored at least 80% on the final test