Communication Expert

Communication Expert

By Badu
on April 26, 2018

Communication Expert

Communication Expert
Non-formal learning
Badge Details
Communication Expert
Communication Expert badge demonstrates the ability to communicate clearly in the mother tongue in different social and cultural contexts. 
Learning Targets
  • Knowing about models, components, patterns and types of communication
  • Understanding instability and ambiguity in the communication process
  • Knowing about barriers to effective communication 


  • Being able to make messages simple, clear and digestible
  • Being able to provide proper answers in unclear situations 
  • Being able to use other examples or arguments when another person cannot understand a point or task
  • Being able to formulate clear counter-arguments in a debate/group work/dialogue
  • Showing interest in what’s being said and engaging in communication
  • Active listening

Participants have to successfully accomplish the following tasks before the BADU Open Badge will be issued.

Minimum standards:

  • Having successfully completed an entire learning activity (training course, seminar, online course, workshop etc.), a voluntary programme/internship
  • Self-evaluation
  • Assessment session with the trainer/mentor


  • Case Study
  • Conducted one workshop on the topic of the activity with youth within 2 months after the activity
  • Conducted critical incident analysis
  • Problem Solving and simulation games on the specific topic of the activity
  • Reflection exercises
  • Scored at least 80% on the final test